The Dim Sims Story

Best Flavour Dim Sims Australia started with one man’s wish to express Chinese culture in his Australian community. He had done it by sharing Asian food traditions that reminds him of home.

Our founder and his business partner assembled a team of experienced Chinese dim sum chefs in a small shop at Strathfield, NSW. It was where the locals fell in love with his dumplings, spring rolls and dim sum. The authentic, wholesome Asian style snacks were perfect for eating on the go.

Unfortunately, the partnership dissolved in early 2000 but our founder was determined to continue with his dream. While South Sydney was just on the cusp of becoming a multicultural area, he opened another shop just outside of Hurstville station with the same team of Chinese dim sum chefs. Combined with good customer service, products would be sold out by lunch time.

The creation of authentic Chinese flavour from quality Australian ingredients helped the shop’s reputation grow. It soon moved to a larger production facility in Punchbowl to cope with the high demand and established itself as the popular cultural brand, Best Flavour Dim Sims Australia.

Since then, our company has become a national supplier of dumplings, dim sum, spring rolls, BBQ pork buns, Siu Mai, Asian cakes and more, our products are still made fresh daily and frozen to maintain our traditional homemade flavours. No preservatives are added to most of our products.

We supply to restaurants and food retailers across Australia. As well, we have experience in contract manufacture wholesale volume for brands.
We take pride in our national standard of food safety and authentic taste of home.
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Quality Assurance

At Best Flavour Dim Sims Australia, we’re proudly committed to food safety and quality.

Our production systems are reviewed regularly for improvement opportunities and diligent compliance with the Codex Alimentarius Commission’s HACCP guidelines.

We also hold ourselves to the highest standard of the Australia, New Zealand Food Standards Code, The Food Act, the NSW Food Authority, all Australian state regulations, and to our clients’ specific requirements.